From Chapter 11

Vedic Science – Part One – The subjective path to knowledge

“I am going to outline a set of arguments that I believe strongly support the notion that the hypothesised unified field is a field of consciousness and that our essential identity of ‘self’ – our consciousness – is the one unified field at the base of everyone else’s identity of ‘self’. We can call it the big Self or simply “Self” with a capital S.

This concept has profound ramifications. It gives us, ultimately, the power to control nature at its most fundamental level of creation. In short, it explains how and why ‘miracles’ are possible. It also means that we are all one.”

“Like a wave curling back on itself and merging back into the formless ocean, so too does a wave of individuality or a wave of creation curl back on itself and again unite with its source. That wave can be viewed as one of the primordial sounds arising from Ātmā, or it can represent your or my individual consciousness (the small self) on the ocean of consciousness, or it can be anything materially manifest – a particle, a star, a whole universe or your body. After all, consciousness is the essence of everything material too. But ‘life’ is both the gap and the creations, not just the creations.”