From Chapter 14

Levitation and Flying – A natural ability for humanity

“There have actually been hundreds of historical and contemporary reports of yogic levitation and flying throughout the world. If even one of the hundreds of reported incidences of human levitation is legitimate, then we can accept that human beings are, in principle, capable of levitating. The only way gravity (or the space-time fabric) can be consciously influenced is at the level of the unified field. Space-time is the very first of the classical quantum fields or spin-types that emanate from an underlying superstring field.”

The author’s personal experience:

“It was while I was resting, with my eyes closed, that I experienced something wonderful and profound. I felt a tingling sensation throughout my whole body. It’s hard for me now to describe the exact nature of this sensation, as I can’t compare it to anything I’ve experienced before or since. All of a sudden – and I still had my eyes closed during all of this – I felt my whole body go very light and then I could not feel the mattress at all.”