From Chapter 2

Ocean Mythology

“The vast depths of the ocean remain to this day largely unknown. Humans have never been good at leaving mysteries unexplained, and are therefore inclined to fill the gaps in their knowledge with imagination. Humans have projected into ocean lore the fears and unresolved mysteries they have fabricated from the unfamiliar depths of their own minds. We have effectively filled the gaps in our knowledge with inventions of the mind that don’t actually exist. Modern humans now have the technology to better explore the ocean depths, and what we have come up with so far is far from frightening.”

“Before a deep dive or a dive into unknown waters, my mind can conjure up all sorts of fearful scenarios that could prevent me from going ahead with the dive. In all cases I can recall, the reality has been very different to the fears I imagined. The real ocean is not a fearful place and I have always felt ‘in the moment’, alert, responsive and respectful, but not fearful when I’m actually undertaking the dive.

The unknown depths of the mind can also be explored. To dive into this “ocean of consciousness”, we don’t have to don heavy breathing equipment.”