Video Links from the Book

Chapter 3 “Waves” – video support for chapter, but not yet referenced in eBook:

“Sapphire Waves” – an aerial perspective of waves meeting Sapphire Beach on the north coast of NSW, Australia. The small black dots are rays. See if you can spot the small shark!

Chapter 5 “Sharks” – video reference:

Chapter 8 “The Shipwreck Experience” – video reference:

Chapter 12 “Vedic Science, Part 2” – video reference:

The YouTube animated video – representing a flipbook version of the above short sequence of ‘stills’ images  – demonstrates the ‘reverberating’ nature of manifest ‘sound’, back to the unmanifest ‘gap’ (silence), then another ‘sound’, reverting to ‘gap’ again and so on. By moving even faster through our ‘flipbook’, the ‘gap’ will be less noticeable and it will appear that ‘action’ (the expression of sounds and therefore the ever changing field of the ‘relative’) is all there is. Atma – represented symbolically by the sun, is the field of the ‘absolute’ from which all matter and phenomena emanate, and is the ever present ‘author’ of the vibrational code (the various vibrational modes of the Superstring in physics – the ‘sounds’ in the above illustrations) that will first manifest as space and time, and then all the particles and forces of the Universe.  Atma is the unchanging, ‘immutable’  (unified field) is the background that we are inclined not to notice. Our senses are attuned to the gross field of manifest existence (the ‘relative’), and only by transcending the senses do we witness the field of the absolute and realise it as the ever-present ‘ocean’ underlying and giving rise to the ‘waves’ of changing material manifestation.  See Chapter 12, “Vedic Science: Part Two” for further elaboration of these concepts.

Chapter 3 “Waves” – video support for chapter (not yet referenced in eBook)