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The front cover of the book

eBook now available at the following stores:
(clicking on most of the sites below will take you to the relevant store)
Amazon (Kindles and Kindle apps)
Barnes & Noble (Nooks)
Inktera (formerly page foundry)
Gardners Extended Retail
Baker & Taylor (Blio)
Gardners Extended Retail
Baker & Taylor (Axis 360)

The printed book will be a 10″ x 8″ hard-cover book expected to be out at the end of 2017 or early 2018

  • I invite Ocean of Self Facebook visitors to look at the reviews of the book that have come various sources. They represent an independant opinion of the book from reviewers globally which you can use in your decision to read the book. Just go to www.oceanofself.com and click on the "review" section.

    http://www.oceanofself.com and click on the "review" section.">


    July 15

  • This flyer has been recently prepared with the talented skills of my good friend Mark Zvirblis. On one page it will hopefully entice people to refer to the 'ocean of self' website and then click on a convenient link to their preferred e-reader platform (there are many now). I've been tardy updating this Facebook page,…


    May 02

  • The book 'Ocean of Self' has now been available as an eBook for nearly two months. Apart from making major announcements on my personal Facebook page, I will now confine news updates on the book to this 'Ocean of Self' Facebook page. So...if you would like to follow this site, here it is. The website…

    Home The front cover of the book eBook now available at the following stores: (each site is a link to the book on the relevant store)Amazon (Kindles and Kindle apps)iTunesKoboBarnes & Noble (Nooks)Inktera (formerly page foundry) Gardners Extended Retail The printed book will be a 10″ x 8″ hard-cover...


    March 18

  • I just wrote a 'guest article' for "Spiritual Media Bog" on "miracles - are they for real?" Here's the link: http://www.spiritualmediablog.com/2017/02/15/miracles-are-they-for-real/

    In short – yes. But maybe we wouldn’t call them ‘miracles’ if we understood that humans are capable of mastering the laws of nature at their very subtlest level of expression.


    February 15

  •

    January 31