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The front cover of the book

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The printed book will be a 10″ x 8″ hard-cover book expected to be out at the end of 2017 or early 2018

  • It’s more plausible to consider consciousness as something that arises in the brain. What evidence supports consciousness as some vague ‘field’ phenomenon or indeed an ‘ocean’? Our methodical way of examining the world around us (scientific ‘method’) relies heavily on observation and experiment. This is relatively easy when examining the gross, tangible, material levels of…


    March 18

  • What is the essential message in the book 'Ocean of Self'? If there was a prime, essential message in the book, it would be the concept of unity. It is an important theme, because it means that – in essence – we are all one! We are not only one with each other, but one…


    February 11

  • A photograph of a diver approaching a very large manta ray in the eastern Pacific Ocean off Mexico. This experience was described in one of the chapters in the book Ocean of Self (see www.oceanofself.com). Such intimacy with a wild animal of such different anatomy and physiology was unprecedented for Becca and myself. This special…

    http://www.oceanofself.com). Such intimacy with a wild animal of such different anatomy and physiology was unprecedented for Becca and myself. This special relationship between human and manta ray also appealed to a young boy dying of leukaemia and provided him solace during the final weeks of his life. That unique story is also related in Ocean of Self. Some people are understandably upset when they see humans touching or otherwise interfering with wildlife. It should therefore be emphasised that in this special instance, the very large mantas took the initiative in approaching us and were in no way disturbed with the interaction. Their significant power and superiority in the ocean meant that they could have easily 'ejected' us if frightened or harassed.">


    February 09

  • Is this a book about ocean diving or spirituality? It would appear to masquerade as both. It is a book about both, and I would like to emphasise that both are more closely related than we would typically assume. There is this feeling that “there is this real world we live in and then there…


    February 04

  • Consciousness and Spirituality – Are the two related? The book Ocean of Self explores the nature of consciousness and spirituality using ocean and diving themes as metaphors. It’s possible – if you have not yet read the book – that you are curious as to how a book on consciousness also delves into spirituality. Consciousness…


    October 09