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The front cover of the book

eBook now available at the following stores:
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The printed book will be a 10″ x 8″ hard-cover book expected to be out at the end of 2017 or early 2018

  • The Subject of ‘Evil’ – What should we make of it? In my last post, I referred to the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. I was inspired to read that manuscript after viewing the recent movie ‘Mary Magdalene’. There was another comment made in that Gospel that supports what has been written in ‘Ocean of Self’.…


    April 23

  • The movie "Mary Magdalene" Becca and I recently saw the biblical drama film Mary Magdalene, directed by Garth Davis - the Australian director who also directed the excellent film “Lion”, about a five year-old orphan brought up in Australia who managed in later years to find his biological mother in India. The film inspired me…


    April 13

  • • If you were to summarise the main objectives of the book, what would they be? The main objectives of the book are two: firstly, to explore and develop the notion of UNITY as it applies to all of us and our relationship with everything else in the universe; and secondly, to better understand the…


    March 31

  • It’s more plausible to consider consciousness as something that arises in the brain. What evidence supports consciousness as some vague ‘field’ phenomenon or indeed an ‘ocean’? Our methodical way of examining the world around us (scientific ‘method’) relies heavily on observation and experiment. This is relatively easy when examining the gross, tangible, material levels of…


    March 18

  • What is the essential message in the book 'Ocean of Self'? If there was a prime, essential message in the book, it would be the concept of unity. It is an important theme, because it means that – in essence – we are all one! We are not only one with each other, but one…


    February 11