From Chapter 3


“In this book, we will look at the concept of individual waves of consciousness on one ocean of consciousness. We will be looking at the concept of ‘waves of consciousness’ and equating that with the notion of ‘waves of being’ or ‘waves of self’ (you and me) on one ‘Ocean of Being’ or ‘Ocean of Self’. We will explore the very satisfying and fulfilling concept of a Unity that ties and connects all diversity together as One. In the absence of classical experimental proof we can consider this concept a hypothesis.

The ocean and its waves provide an excellent metaphor to help us understand this important concept.”

A comment on life and death:

“From a distance we don’t see the birth and death of waves. We see only the one un-changing ocean. Without the existence of waves, the power and magnificence of the ocean is not made manifest. The very vitality of the ocean – its ‘aliveness’ – is surely dependent on this expression of multitudinous but temporary wave forms.”